For this writing assignment, I chose to write a poem (three stars). However, I was also inspired by another post (also three stars) which used a random word generator as a basis of the content. I decided to do a blend of these topics, taking ten words from the random word generator and attempting to use one word in each line of a poem. This was a bit tricky due to some of the words I was given but ultimately, due to the interpretive nature of poetry, it was quite freeing. Instead of literal meaning, I focused more on the rhythm of words, alliteration, etc. However, I do think there could be potential meaning in what I came up with, I simply don’t intend to set it in stone with my own interpretation.

My randomly generated words were:

  1. blame
  2. destiny
  3. subway
  4. charade
  5. hills
  6. even
  7. paralyzed
  8. adopter
  9. kingdom
  10. flimsy

Here’s what I came up with:

An early adopter
Of any charade
That made him feel even with God
A spiritual subway
With no one to blame
A kingdom even he would applaud
Flimsy fickle fingers
Paralyzed in fear
His destiny awaits him
Beyond rolling hills of tragedy

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