For this visual assignment, I did Glitch Art (three stars). I’ve had some minor previous experience with this genre of digital art, so I partially chose this assignment because I already knew what my method for glitching up my photos would be. I also decided I would take photos from my past that captured memories and experiences from versions of myself that I no longer relate to. Thus, the glitch effect would become an embodiment of my own memory and how remembering past events is not always a pleasant experience.

The programs I used for this glitch art were Photoshop and Audacity. First, I opened my photos in Photoshop and saved them as .tif files that Audacity could read. Next, I imported the .tif files as raw data into Audacity so that I could edit the image data as though it were audio data. Then, it was simply a matter of experimenting with different effects to change the shape of the data. Some of the effects I used included reverb, phaser, distortion, echo, reverse, invert, and so on. Once I was done manipulating the files, I exported them as .pngs and appreciated my work.

Here is the first photo, in its original state:

And here it is as glitch art:

Here’s the next photo, unadulterated:

And here’s the glitched-out version:

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