For this visual assignment, I chose to make a silly movie poster (three and a half stars). One of my favorite movies of all time is Goodfellas, and the silliest thing that popped into my mind was the classic Groucho Marx glasses, especially when inserted atop unsuspecting victims. Thus, the pairing was born.

This was a fairly easy process. Perhaps the most difficult first step was finding a high-resolution version of the Goodfellas movie poster. Even when you filter your search results to get the highest quality, the results are not great. In the end, I had to go to the Amazon page for the actual movie poster and save the larger image file available directly from the site.

Once I had that, I grabbed a standard product image for some Groucho Marx glasses, and then it was onto Photoshop! First, I imported the poster into Photoshop. Then, I took the glasses and cut it out so that it was transparent and could be placed over the faces. For DeNiro, I placed the glasses straight on top as is, but for Pesci and Liotta I had to do a big of image morphing so they appeared to be slightly turned.

Here was the final result:

Brings new meaning to Pesci’s remark, “Whaddya mean I’m funny?”

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