I decided to remix my previous audio assignment, “Nightmare Serenade,” which was itself a remix of “Moonlight Serenade” as recorded by Frank Sinatra. In its original form, I was attempting to take the beauty of the recording and create the creepiest, most unrecognizable version I could. In this remix, I wanted to take that and turn it up to an even further degree.

For this, I used Logic Pro X, my typical tool of choice. To edit it, I focused on creating unnerving loops of distorted sound. Whereas the original would cut abruptly from one section to the next, I wanted this version to have a constant feeling of dread. I achieved this by heavily bit-crushing the already bit-crushed original. I took short snippets of the piece and looped them ad nauseum, layering them on top of each other to create a greater sense of claustrophobia. Finally, I added lots of echo, delay, and phase distortion.

Here was the result:

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